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Goat Yoga

Round Mountain Creamery is North Carolina’s  first combined Dairy Goat Farm and
Grade “A” Goat Milk Processing Plant. Our 28-acre farm is in the Blue Ridge Mountains
in Black Mountain, North Carolina—about 10 serpentine miles from the town of Black
Mountain and 25 miles from Downtown Asheville.

We are a few good people making great cheese from happy goats on healthy land
where all are welcome.

The Few Good People
The farm is a village and the few humans at Round Mountain are its civil servants
(“employees” is an inadequate description), providing the goats with universal
healthcare, daycare, pedicures, delivered meals, turndown service (fresh straw
bedding), and any other needs that arise. We also milk, pasteurize, prepare and
package our cheeses.

The Great Cheese
Our pampered Alpine and LaMancha goats give all the milk they have twice a day every
day for about nine months a year. We produce 9 varieties of goat cheeses with their
milk; all of this is done right on our farm by those few good people.

The Happy Goats
There are 60 goats in the herd. They range from a few weeks old and wholly dependent
on their mothers, to a few 10-year-old retired milking does. Each is named, not
numbered; each has her own personality, her own quirks, needs, and distinctive voice.
Some refuse to be anything but the center of attention, some are timid to the point of
vanishing, and others are simply content with whatever the day may bring. We manage
our goats as naturally as possible: antibiotics are never used as a preventative – only
when necessary. Their well-being is the backbone of our business.

The Healthy Land
The land itself is hemmed in by two streams that run through the surrounding woods.
The goats roam the majority of the property, which is sloping pasture shaded by 100-
foot pines, enormous poplars, oaks, maples, and a few hickories that drop nuts the
goats snack on. We also are home to a peaceful hiking trail.

All are welcome!
We offer farm tours and cheese tastings by appointment year-round. Contact us today
to schedule your visit:


Saturday, April 1, 2023


9:30 am - 10:30 am

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