Christian Friends of Korea
129 Center Ave
Black Mountain

We work with many different individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses to send life-giving support to TB, hepatitis, and pediatric care centers located throughout North and South Hwanghae Provinces, Kaesong, and Pyongyang. Through the generosity of our donors and partners, we have sent and confirmed over $82 million worth of goods to desperate segments of the population.

We engage in technical projects such as: solar-gravity water system installations, renovations of care centers, and hepatitis treatment clinics that bring lasting change to many communities and individual lives. In all that we do, we strive to build trust and relationships with the people while honoring the name of Jesus Christ.



Our mission is to glorify God by ministering to the 25 million people of North Korea through humanitarian and developmental aid, technical projects and exchanges, and confirmation visits.



Our organization provides ongoing support to more than 30 care centers including the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NRL), 7 provincial tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis hospitals, and nearly 18 TB and hepatitis rest homes located throughout the geographical region—many of them in remote locations.

We regularly assist our supported TB and hepatitis care centers by providing developmental assistance; confirming the arrival, distribution, and use of goods we send; and assessing current needs. Most of our aid is targeted to respond to the medical needs of patients. Our aid includes: food and medicine; medical equipment and supplies; agricultural support (tractors, greenhouses, seeds, etc.); bedding and blankets; and clean water. We are also involved in the renovation of multiple health care facilities, solar powered water and lighting projects, water well drilling, greenhouse construction, medical staff training, and so forth.

CFK seeks to be responsive to the needs expressed and observed by others. While the need is extensive, we are grateful for the resources and the opportunity to respo

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