Lookout Brewing
103 S. Ridgeway Ave
Black Mountain

Tasting Room, Home Brew Supply Store, Event Space, Large Wine Selection, at least one Cider option and 3 Ginger Beer options as well as non alcoholic beverages.

Open 7 days a week.  Monday- Friday 3pm-7pm (Closing flexible if busy). Weekends 12pm – 7 pm.

Plenty of outdoor seating and indoor seating spaced out to promote social distancing. Mask required until seated or standing at any of our lean bars.  Dog friendly.

Small snacks and hot pretzels available.

Event space for rent with a 24 person capacity. 70″ TV with surround sound and multiple lighting options to create many different ambiances. Single capacity restroom and outdoor area separate from the main tasting room patio. Can offer up to 4 draft options as well as wine and other drinks with a bartender / host for the event.

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