Pet Poo Skiddoo
Reducing Their Carbon Pawprint

We all try to be greener, and now so can your pets! Instead of bagging up countless poos into little plastic bags that inevitably go into the trash can, let us collect all that waste and compost it so it can both safely and beneficially return to the earth.

Let’s face it, scooping up after your pups is a task that’s hard to keep up with. Pet Poo Skiddoo can take care of the ‘poop minefield’ lurking behind your house and give you back the space your family can enjoy. We’ll scoop your yard on a regular basis and take the waste with us to be composted.

Have cats or prefer to scoop your own yard? Pet Poo Skiddoo is now offering a bin pickup service so whatever you pick up can be binned, collected, and composted on a weekly or biweekly basis.

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